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Cross-border E-commerce Logistics

Norden Freight integrates the resources of each node in the supply chain and combines advanced logistics information technology to create a door-to-door cross-border e-commerce import and export logistics solution that covers the entire transportation process.

Cross-border special line logistics: air dispatch, empty card, Haipai, Haika, etc.

Overseas warehouse: warehousing, distribution, return and exchange, one-piece delivery, etc.

To meet the different needs of different customers, deliver the goods to the buyer's designated location in the shortest time.

Cross-border e-commerce export logistics services

-FBA head service: transport the seller's goods from China to Amazon's designated warehouse by air, sea, rail,road and other transportation methods;

-Overseas warehouse export service: provide one-stop full-process overseas warehouse warehousing service: currently overseas warehouses are equipped in Europe, America, Japan, South Korea, Australia and other countries, and provide customers with destination port customs clearance, delivery and tariff payment services;

-Acting for postal parcels: United postal services of various countries to provide sellers with international postal parcel services, meeting the needs of different customers, with faster timeliness and lower costs;

-Acting for international express delivery: We have reached close cooperation relationships with international express companies such as DHL, UPS, FEDEX, etc., to act as an agent for their international express delivery services.

Cross-border e-commerce import logistics services

-International express line: provide customers with customized multi-port and different customs clearance solutions, and realize one-stop customs clearance and delivery services through abundant overseas network resources;

-Overseas warehouse import service: Provide one-stop full-process overseas warehouse warehousing service: Currently, overseas warehouses are equipped in Europe, America, Southeast Asia, Australia and other countries. At the same time, it provides customers with door-to-door pickup, collection, warehousing, sorting, packaging, and labeling. , Booking and other related services



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