Service Product

Cold Chain Logistics


Controlling the refrigeration environment to make it have a stable temperature and continuous monitoring, which guarantees the high quality of the product and maximizes the storage period.

A series of services are provided in the cold storage

Short-term storage 

Flexible cold storage capacity configuration to meet short-term cold chain distribution needs.

Seasonal storage

The cold storage capacity can meet seasonal demand.

Pickup and packaging

Pack the sales order items for distribution.

Packaging and repackaging: The goods are packed, repacked and labelled according to the specified requirements.


Transfer goods directly from refrigerated containers to one or more refrigerated temperature-controlled trucks for domestic or cross-border transportation.

Cold chain transportation

Temperature controlled refrigerated transportation business: suitable for refrigerated transportation of seafood, meat, fruits and vegetables, medicines, plasma vaccines, etc.

Cold chain solutions

The cold chain solution is an integrated solution for refrigerated goods, which can provide one-stop service for your logistics needs.

According to requirements, design the overall cold chain transportation door-to-door solution



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